Online Payment System Case Study

Online Payment System increases conversion!

The TakeABreak® Online Payment System is unique in the online accommodation industry, and recent research has shown that among its many benefits for operators is an increase in conversion rates when using the system.

We surveyed operators using it and one thing that was consistently mentioned is how using the Online Payment System secures the booking and leads to increased conversion.  Scott McClymont of Alton Victoria in Ballarat says that he uses the TakeABreak® Online Payment System for managing payments for all his enquiries, even those from other sites. “It finalises the booking – all too often I was taking bookings only to have no shows or last minute cancellations.  I now direct all enquiries to TakeABreak® so that I can ensure the management of the enquiry and its payment,” said Scott.

Like many operators, Scott says his operation is too small to justify having his own credit card facilities, but using the Online Payment System to manage all his enquiries means that he no longer needs a merchant account, with its associated fees.  “I ask for full payment via the Online Payment System, and I have found that it really does help prevent last minute cancellations.  Of course if someone needs to cancel for a legitimate reason, then it is no problem to have the payment returned.  I don’t like giving out my bank account details for payment, and now I don’t have to.  I just wish I had started using the Online Payment System earlier,” Scott continued.

Another benefit of using the Online Payment System is that it makes payment easier for people booking from overseas.  Josephine Biggs of Josephine’s Bed & Breakfast in Carnegie says “Using the Online Payment System is a security blanket for those who book from overseas.  They know that their booking is confirmed and won’t arrive to find that the accommodation they lined up is no longer available.  This is good for them and good for us, as it promotes trust within our industry.”

Josephine is – like many listed with TakeABreak® - a small operator, and says that she could not afford to offer credit card facilities on her own.  Like Scott, she has found that using the Online Payment System increases her conversion and decreases last minute cancellations and no shows.  “Other sites don’t offer this facility, and I am finding that my conversion is well up since I started using the Online Payment System.  Also the support staff at TakeABreak ™ are terrific and are always quick with an answer if I have any queries,” finished Josephine.

Donna Honor has two properties listed with TakeABreak®, Stoneliegh 1 and Stoneliegh 2 in Angaston.  “I am new to the whole accommodation business, but I do know that the Online Payment System is very easy to understand and quick to use.  It is the only payment method I have ever offered and I can’t imagine finding any other way of paying to offer so much, with so little hassle.”

If you have been thinking of using the Online Payment System, but haven’t got around to it, why not click on the following link to download the Online Payment System contract and sign up now?  It is quick, easy and free – all this and increased conversion too!  If you have any questions, just contact our support staff who will be pleased to help you start enjoying the benefits of the TakeABreak® Online Payment System.